WiFi MAC System architect Lead

WiFi MAC System architect Lead


1.Lead system architecture team of the company and coordinate with other teams/groups as a main system architect.

2.Play a main role in making PRD (Product Requirement Document) in terms of system features, given the MRD (Market Requirement Document), by collaborating with all the other teams including but not limited to SW/SOC/MODEM if needed.

3. Define and implement system architecture more in detail, given MRD and PRD.

4. Verify system architecture in a system simulation level and help a HW designer simulate in RTL level and help a system validation team verify system implementation in pre-silicon FPGA level and post-silicon chip level, moving forward.

5. Do performance analysis along with HW/SW partitioning and work together with MAC HW team by providing reference C simulator including HW offload accelerator for MAC HW.

6.Design/develop core firmware running onto CPU including the core system algorithm like OFDMA/MU-MIMO and work together with SW team if needed.

7. Help define MAC/MODEM interface with MAC HW team and MODEM team and work together with MODEM team on sounding and MU-MIMO TX beamforming.

8. Design the competitive AP core scheduling algorithm.

9. Follow up the latest and future trends of IEEE Wi-Fi standard.

10. Help put good talent into system architecture team by helping the company hire good talent.

11. Other tasks assigned by management.

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