Test Engineer

Test Engineer


– Work with design team on spec/datasheet, define and implement test plan/strategy

– Responsible for the selection of tester platform. Complete the task of the design/development on the ATE test program and hardware manufacturing. Release the SW/HW into mass production

– Work with design team to generate the related pattern files for FT/CP development

– Responsible for bench correlation with design team

– Monitor the yield of production lots and do the data analysis. Conduct the technical support on low yield lot disposition, yield improvement and failure analysis

– Responsible for the abnormal lot handling and support on the root cause analysis for the improvement of Assembly house.

– Responsible for the UPH improvement, test time reduction, improvement of test stability etc.



– At least Bachelor Degree, with electronics majors preferred

– Minimum 5 years test development working experience

– Have test development experience on J750/UltraFlex platform preferred

– Have test development experience on wifi/RF products preferred

– Good project management, investigation and analysis, communication and coordination skills

– Experience in leading team, doing plans and detailed actions independently.

– Fluent in English

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